[mod_python] hi

Mike Looijmans nlv11281 at natlab.research.philips.com
Mon Jul 10 04:19:16 EDT 2006

> Thank you Kahlil for your valuable advice. I have gone through all
> frameworks you mentioned but as I said I DON'T KNOW PYTHON. I am
> learner. So I am not a person to talk about these framework. Still I
> want to know which framework is best and how we can compare that
> framework with mod_python based on Simplicty, Powerful and
> Performance. (e.g. I like to use PySqlite rather SQLObject).
> Basically I am looking for a web based python solution which is
> 1.Free (doesn't matter it is open source or not).

Most are free as in both "free beer" as well as "freedom of speech".

> 2.Server side should not be critical issue for maintenance.

There's only server side to maintain. That's the whole point of web 
services: You don't have to do maintenance on clients. Since it's the 
only point, it's also the critical one.

> 3.Ajax enabled

Uh... well, there's nothing preventing you from using it, since AJAX 
runs on the client side and has no specific requirements for the server.

> 5.And freedom for coder (that's why I attracted to mod_python).

See point 1.

mod_python itself is quite a low-level framework. It is not a RAD (rapid 
application development) platform like ASP.NET or delphi. For example, 
if you wish to output SQL data as a table, you'll have to write all the 
code for retrieving SQL data and inserting the "<table>" tags yourself.

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