[mod_python] Simple Issue, Baffling

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Thu Jan 26 17:13:18 EST 2006

Jim Steil wrote:
> I have what I think is a similar problem.  My app works just fine with 
> IE, but when I try to get at it with FireFox, I see my HTML source 
> instead of my app.  I'm really new to all this, so it may not be 
> related.  But, I'm watching for a resolution as I'm hoping it will clue 
> me in to what I'm doing wrong as well.  It happens to me with Firefox 1.5.

Have you tried to validate your page at the W3C?


I've seen IE render HTML that was placed entirely in an img alt 
attribute. Clearly, this is wrong. A little validation can go a long way 
towards pointing out simple HTML coding errors and improving cross 
browser reliability. Be grateful that Firefox will indicate problems.

As for the original issue, there is also a CSS validator:


This is a must for troubleshooting stylesheet problems.

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