[mod_python] Simple Issue, Baffling

Jim Steil jim at qlf.com
Thu Jan 26 16:55:59 EST 2006

I have what I think is a similar problem.  My app works just fine with 
IE, but when I try to get at it with FireFox, I see my HTML source 
instead of my app.  I'm really new to all this, so it may not be 
related.  But, I'm watching for a resolution as I'm hoping it will clue 
me in to what I'm doing wrong as well.  It happens to me with Firefox 1.5.


Jim Gallacher wrote:
> David Worley wrote:
>> To clarify further:
>> http://localhost/some/file/system/directory/style.css is only ever
>> called from an HTML file, via a <link> tag. 
> I figured you knew that, but one never knows. ;)
>> The HTML is valid. The HTML
>> page is NOT generated by mod_python. It's just a plain HTML file in the
>> folder. I created it just for testing dynamically created CSS files.
>> The separate issue of "text/html" content is, indeed, handled by another
>> handler. The two are unrelated. When text/css content wouldn't work, I
>> tried something simpler: plain HTML return content.
>> Simply put, req.write(xxx) returns content that my browser does not make
>> use of, whether CSS or HTML, despite the explicit declaration of
>> req.content_type. The browser just thinks it's text.
>> It may be more accurate to say that the server never returns HTML or
>> CSS, rather than saying that the browser never renders the file
>> returned.
> Is your handler as simple as you indicated or is there other stuff 
> going on? Any chance you are calling req.write *before* setting 
> req.content_type? The first call to req.write triggers the sending of 
> the response headers, which contains the Content-Type header. Once 
> you've starting calling req.write changing req.content_type will have 
> no effect. (Hmm, I wonder if we should actually raise an exception... )
> I find that tools like wget or netcat are helpful for this sort of 
> thing since you can dump the response headers as well as the page 
> content. If you don't have ready access to these programs I'm sure you 
> could know somthing together from the standard python lib. Sometimes 
> the simplest problems have the simplest solutions.
> Jim
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>> David Worley wrote:
>>> Hello, all. I'm new to mod_python and somewhat new to server side
>>> programming.
>>> I've read the documentation, and I can't seem to find out something
>>> relatively simple.
>>> I'm writing a CSS preprocessor. It's meant to grab a request for a
>> .css
>>> file, process another file and return the result to the browser. The
>>> issue I have is that I can't get the handler to return content the
>>> browser actually uses.
>>> To clarify, I'm running Apache 2.0, Python 2.4 on Windows XP.
>>> So with the following httpd.conf entry:
>>> <Directory /some/file/system/directory>
>>>     AddHandler python-program .sss
>>>     PythonHandler switch
>>>     PythonDebug On
>>> </Directory>
>>> And the following Python code, in switch.py:
>>> from mod_python import apache
>>> def handler(req):
>>>     req.content_type = "text/css"
>>>     req.write("""\
>>> body { background-color: red; }""")
>>>     return apache.OK
>>> This works. It works great. When I request
>>> http://localhost/some/file/system/directory/style.css, I get the body
>>> declaration above. BUT the browser doesn't use it!
>> Maybe I don't understand the question but why would it? The browser only
>> uses the stylesheet to render the page when it's specified in an html 
>> <style> tag.
>>> I have the same problem when declaring req.content_type = "text/html":
>>> the code is returned properly, but it isn't rendered as HTML. It's
>> just
>>> text, as far as the browser is concerned.
>> You got me there, unless you are saying you are getting the python 
>> code as opposed to the html you send with req.write. Are you writing 
>> valid html? Any chance there is a typo in req.content_type = 
>> 'text/html'? Are you using a different handler for generating the html?
>> It would help if you can clarify your problem a little.
>> Jim
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