[mod_python] PYC download prompt

Sean Jamieson sean at barriescene.com
Fri Jan 20 13:19:30 EST 2006

Jim Gallacher wrote:

> Sean Jamieson wrote:
>> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>>> Sean Jamieson wrote ..
>>>> Has anyone else run into the problem, that when there is some 
>>>> unknown error with mod_python it spits out the .pyc version of your 
>>>> source code?
>>>> either that or gives a File Not Found (rather than a useful error)?
>>>> I have a source that is working fine on my laptop:
>>>> Apache/2.0.54 (Ubuntu) mod_python/3.1.3 Python/2.4.2
>>>> and my dev server has the same setup...
>>>> What happend when I copied the source to my dev server was:
>>>> 1) I got a Not Found error
>>>> 2) I refreshed
>>>> 3) I was given the .pyc for the file requested
>>>> again, this works fine on my laptop which is using the same 
>>>> OS/apache/python/mod_python
>>>> there maybe some minor differences in apache config, but nothing 
>>>> that I
>>>> know of which would affect mod_python.
>>>> Can anyone give me a clue as to where I should try looking?
>>> One can get wierd things like this happening if you have MultiViews
>>> enabled and are using URLs which have no extensions.
>>> So for starters try using:
>>>  Options -MultiViews
>>> in your Apache configuration and see if things change.
>>> Also, what handler are you using, your own, mod_python.publisher
>>> or something else? It is possible that you might be hitting one of
>>> the issues since fixed in mod_python 3.2.
>>> Graham
>> Puiblisher, and yes, I realized that the .pyc being sent was a result 
>> of MultiViews later on. My main issue now, is that my codebase which 
>> runs fine on my laptop, does not run on my development server; both 
>> are running the same software.
>> I've been trying to find some key difference in apache's 
>> configuration that may cause it, but alas, no matter how much I copy 
>> it doesn't work.
>> This is rather serious, as I have a client waiting to see this thing, 
>> this afternoon.
> Is the server publicly accessible? If so I can see what I get from 
> here. If you don't want the URL on the mailing list you can email me 
> privately.
> Jim

currently there is nothing to get, now, when one tries to go to the URL, 
the browser does nothing, literally. i.e. if you're on the directory 
index page, and you click one of the .py files, or a directory with an 
index.py, it does nothing, if I open a new tab, and paste the URL, hit 
enter or click 'go', it does nothing, nothing loads, it still says 
(Untitled) as if it went nowhere.

and this seems to only happen when I try to import something from my 
a plain .py file that simply has the following defined, works:

def index( req ):
    return req.filename

I just don't get what's going on here, it doesn't make the least bit of 


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