[mod_python] python module loaded, but not parsed (huh?)

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Fri Jan 13 22:09:07 EST 2006

On 14/01/2006, at 1:40 PM, Graham Dumpleton wrote:

>> Is there a way to achieve what I wanted to do, or will I have to
>> change my whole app design? As I posted earlier, I'm doing a
>> server-independent interface for writing webapps and its  
>> specification
>> is already made. I would dislike beginning from 0.
> Ahhh, I'll have to look through your code and past emails to see  
> what you
> wanted to achieve, not real clear on that point right now. ;-)

Hmmm, I looked at your code, its awfully complicated. Have you ever
considered using WSGI if you want a server independent interface?
Using WSGI would save you a lot of effort as it has already been spec'd
out and there are adaptors for lots of servers, including mod_python.
PEP for WSGI can be found at:


Use Google to find other WSGI stuff including adaptors.


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