[mod_python] make failed on AIX 5.1 using xlc

Hans-Joachim Ehlers HansJoachim.Ehlers at eumetsat.int
Wed Jan 11 08:29:56 EST 2006

Graham Dumpleton" <grahamd at dscpl.com.au> 10/01/06 22:54  wrote
>Similar situation for the function cast you had to change in
>It just becomes to much of a pain to try and deal with the strangeness
>lessor used compilers.
I made which the gcc (3.2.2) a syntax check against the patched file
and it does not complains. 
So it would be nice and if the change will not cause trouble to have in
the source code. Otherwise at the next revision me and other will run in
the same or similar issue

Thanks again for your support.

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