[mod_python] Newbie - Screen resoultion

Joshua Ginsberg listspam at flowtheory.net
Thu Feb 16 12:15:49 EST 2006

Using mod_python does not make apache suddenly clairvoyant. The request
object only has access to what the HTTP request tells it, and screen
resolution is nowhere in that protocol. The javascript you refer to runs
*inside* the client browser, which *does* have access to such
information. This is the only way to do what you're asking.

As an aside, I've never seen a good use for determining client screen
resolution. You should consider carefully your design and decide if this
is really necessary or if you're using it to compensate for some other
design decision that simply flawed.


On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 11:09 -0600, Jim Steil wrote:
> Is there a way through mod_python for me to determine the screen
> resolution of my web client machine?  I know I can get this via
> javascript, but was hoping there was a way to get it through the
> request object or something.  If you could point me to the appropriate
> documentation, I'd really appreciate it.  Or, if this simply isn't
> possible, I like to know that.  Thanks in advance for your help.  I've
> already searched a years worth of the archives and reread through the
> manual, but can't seem to find anything.  Maybe my terminology is
> bad....
>     -Jim
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