[mod_python] focus on shared hosting?

Anthony anthonybaby at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 20:47:38 EST 2006

> Are there really security or resource utilization issues that can't be over come?

Yes. Many shared hosting admins contend that they can't isolate
virtual hosts for one reason or another. Considering that their target
market for shared hosting is made up of more bloggers and
blogger/hobbyist programmers than seasoned developers who will be
extra careful with their processes, I suppose it's reasonable for an
admin to be afraid.

A nifty screencast would be great though, if only to inspire. A demo
site running small mod_python apps would be great too. I just wrote a
small CGI app that let's me load up random Garfield comic strips, but
a cool Ajaxy Flickr/eBay/Amazon search tool would be impressive.
Admins and hobbyists who want to experiment need to be enticed by
these presentations... showmanship.

I believe if we want to see mod_python widespread on shared hosts, we
should promote mod_python 2.7 on Apache 1.3. *ducks* I use mod_python
3 on Apache 2 on my test system, but out there in shared hosting land,
Apache 1.3 support is a generally a must. I admit I don't know much
about the differences between MP2 and MP3, but what if MP2 were
designed specifically to meet the needs of shared hosting admins? A
kind of mod_python lite if you will.


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