[mod_python] focus on shared hosting?

Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T jeffh at dundeemt.com
Thu Dec 21 19:47:56 EST 2006

John Udell blogged today about django and mod_python.  However the
question he poses is pertinent to mod_python and projects that depend
on mp like TG and Pylons, et al.

"I've heard it said that a compelling screencast is one key factor
influencing the adoption of a new web-based application. One-click
install in shared hosting environments has to be another."

I know that there are a few hosts that specialize in python based apps
but what can be done to make mp a must have like php and ruby?  What
can be done technically to make mp a no-brainer decision for most web
hosting companies.  Are there really security or resource utilization
issues that can't be over come?  Maybe the next big mp focus should be
on what can be done to make administering/securing a shared mp install
so that it is easier for shared hosts to implement it.


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