[mod_python] How to deal with old cached data showing?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Dec 18 18:56:36 EST 2006

Francisco Reyes wrote ..
> Looking at the archives I see that mod_python shows old pages under certain
> circunstances.
> Anyone can shed any light into what are those circustances? Is it only
> when  there are errors in the page?

Someone else already pointed out my article about module importer
problems, but in case you missed it:


> Other than restarting is there any way to force the latest content to show?

With versions of mod_python prior to 3.3, not without using some third
party packages which implement alternate module loading systems for

> Also from reading the archives it seems mod_python 3.3 will have fixes
> for this issue. When is 3.3 expected?

The tar ball for a wider 3.3 beta release exists. That I know of there is still
only one person within core developers who can do the actual release and
update of web site. I am presuming at the moment that we are waiting for
that person to do that as enough votes went past to give an okay for going
down the beta path.


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