[SPAM] Re: [mod_python] Cannot install , Need help

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Thu Aug 31 22:12:51 EDT 2006

Jim Gallacher wrote:
> I find this sort of thing to be very irritating as well. Perhaps for 3.3 
> we can adopt a slightly different naming scheme for the patch level of 
> the version at least. First version would be 3.3.01. I don't know if any 
> other projects do this, and after typing it, it sure looks strange.  Or 
> maybe skip 3.3.0 to 3.3.9 completely and jump to 3.3.10 for the first 
> stable release in the 3.3 series? What  do other folks think?

I agree that it takes some getting used to, but this naming convention 
has been common for so long that you are likely to cause more confusion 
by trying to subtly change it. As with IP addresses, the dots are not 
decimals, just separators, so it is perfectly OK for any part to be 
normally incremented. Leading zeroes are meaningless in this context, 
especially if used in one part, but not the others. Imagine 3.03.01 
because you might get to 3.10.01 - now, they're confusing because they 
look a bit like dates.

FWIW, my favorite version numbering scheme is the one recommended for 
DNS zone file serial numbers, based on the current date with 2 more 
digits to allow for 99 updates in one day:


It will sort easily for the next 7993 years. :)

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