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Luis M. González luismg at gmx.net
Fri Aug 25 16:28:53 EDT 2006

Yes, I guess I already answered my own question...
I shouldn't try to compare mod_python with a framework. 
Instead, I should compare mod_python (or better yet, its standard handlers) with the main components of these frameworks.

My question should have been:
How does mod python's publisher compare to CherryPy (main component of TurboGears)? Or to Django's MVC programing model?
I'm referring to aspects such as session handling, forms, dispatching, etc... not to the other components that can be replaced.

I got the impression that many people ignore mod_python includes tools such as publisher or PSP for web development.
And I also got the impression that many believe that they "need" a framework on top of mod_python in order to develop a web site.

Is that true?
Or it's just that the tools included into mod_python are not enough to compete with CheeryPy or other solutions?

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  You have asked and answered your own question.  A framework usually provides components that make up a "best practices" architecture of a web application such as an MVC skeleton to work within, templating, and ORM.  You are correct that most frameworks choose one particular implementation of each of those components and if it is not to your liking then you should choose another framework or roll-your-own (or join the development team of the framework and code a plugin or extension.)  What frameworks do is encourage code re-use.  Instead of rolling-your-own you get the plumbing for free.  If you are going to choose to use straight-up mod_python I can guarantee that after working on a project or two you will spend time slowly developing your own framework so that for each request you will not have to cut and paste mundane code that generically handles the request and does often repeated tasks. 

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