[mod_python] newbie question - using multiple handlers

Thomas J. Schirripa tommys at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Aug 4 11:49:23 EDT 2006

Sorry I never got back to you on this issue. I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion, but in the process of toying around with this, I solved the problem by avoiding the use of <File> directives and using <Directory> instead. Basically, I have a directory under my document root for every handler I have. The PythonHandler then exists by itself in the directory. So far I have had no problems with it. If I actually have some more time after finishing my project I'll try and look more into the Vampire. Thanks again.

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> Date: Tue Jul 25 18:11:51 EDT 2006
> From: "Graham Dumpleton" <grahamd at dscpl.com.au>
> Subject: Re: [mod_python] newbie question - using multiple handlers
> To: "Thomas J. Schirripa" <tommys at eden.rutgers.edu>
> Thomas J. Schirripa wrote ..
> > I'm pretty new to both mod_python and apache. I have just written multiple
> > handlers to deal with different webpages I have written. My problem is
> > that if I use PythonHandler for each of my handlers in the conf. file,
> > whenever I run a webpage, it tries to use ALL my handlers. Basically, I
> > want only one handler to be used per webpage. The "action" in my forms
> > only specify one handler, but based on the errors I am getting, it is also
> > running the other handlers. Is there a way that I can set directives such
> > as PythonHandler for particular html files? Or do I need to separate my
> > files into different directories? I would hate to have to make a switch
> > handler that determined what methods to call from my handler files so that
> > the conf file only had one handler in it.
> Post what Apache configuration you are using for your PythonHandler
> and SetHandler/AddHandler directives related to mod_python. Is this
> being set in a .htaccess file or in main Apache configuration within a
> Directory/Location directive?
> If the PythonHandler directives at present refer sto your own handlers, use
> of a switch or dispatch handler may be your only choice when using mod_python
> 3.2.X or earlier versions. This is because the logical thing to do of:
>   <Files page1.html>
>   PythonHandler handlers::page1_html
>   </Files>
>   <Files page2.html>
>   PythonHandler handlers::page2_html
>   </Files>
> doesn't necessarily work, although it is fixed in development version of
> mod_python 3.3.
> The problem with using <Files> is that mod_python sets up Python path
> wrongly and if handlers.py is in the directory for the .htaccess or Directory
> directive it will not find it. Will be okay if handler.py is elsewhere and the
> PythonPath directive is used to refer to the directory where it is located.
> Rather than try and hack up a solution you may want to look at Vampire
> which already provides a basic switch or dispatch handler which maps
> to basic mod_python handlers. This way you can have separate handler
> files for each resource and if necessary distinct handlers for different
> views of a resource as well. See:
>   http://www.dscpl.com.au/projects/vampire/articles/vampire-001.html
> for a quick overview of Vampire.
> Graham

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