[mod_python] mod_python, native windows python and apache2, ntfs acls, and files created under cygwin

Bill Freeman ke1g.nh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 10:54:20 EDT 2006

I have discovered that using mod_python (3.2.8) with native windows versions
python (2.4.2) and apache (2.0.58) on ntfs (XP home) makes acl settings

Specifically, files created under Cygwin (I'm a *nix guy, so when I'm forced
to use
windows, I use Cygwin) seem to have acls that prevent publisher (at least)
loading them.  I have two files with identical content (yes, the line
endings are
\r\n in both), and all the attributes visible in windows explorer, dir in
and ls under Cygwin, are the same.  Publisher works happily with one
but not with the other.

The difference appears to the the acls.  Files created by windows tools have
a suitable set, those created by cygwin (ok, I've only tested editing with
and using cp, but it's a good bet) have acls that apache and/or python fail
read.  (I think that a problem I had where ApacheMonitor couldn't start
is related to the acl for httpd.conf, but that's for another list.)  I
suspect that
there are other ways to edit python source that produces bad acls too, but
I don't know about them.

The good news is that such files can be "fixed" by copying them with copy
under cmd.exe (and probably other ways).

Note that I'm NOT saying that anyone has a bug here.  It's clearly a good
thing that Apache/python are fussy about acls, and Cygwin is making the
best of a tough situation in mapping *nix file permissions onto ntfs.

It's just that googling around and browsing FAQs didn't help me, even when
I began to suspect the infamous acls (nicely hidden under XP home).  If this
is a well known and documented problem, then please hit me with a clue
stick, and I'm sorry for the wasted bandwidth.  Otherwise, perhaps an
additional FAQ entry would save other publisher newbies some time and
frustration.  (Even if this is known, perhaps the suitable FAQ entries need
a few more keywords in their titles.)

If this isn't a well known problem, I'm happy to collect better details as
what is happening, and how to recognize it (since I currently have such a
configuration at my fingertips).

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