[mod_python] error: could not import mod_python.apache

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Apr 20 02:46:47 EDT 2006

e.deventer at boer.nl wrote ..
> "Lee Brown" <administrator at leebrown.org> wrote on 19-04-2006 15:27:41:
> > Open Task Manager and look at the running processes; note the user 
> > which Apache.exe is running under.  Keep the task manager open and 
> > start a copy of the Python interpreter and note the user which 
> > python.exe is running under.  (Usually, apache.exe is running as 
> > user SYSTEM and python.exe will be running under the current user.) 
> In the taskmanager in Windows 2000 the "user" is not visible, and when
> I 
> go to View > Select columns (I'm using a Dutch version so that's a 
> translation), there is no "user" column available for selection either.
> So I can't figure out which users Apache and Python are running under..
> > Go to the directory where you installed Python and right-click 
> > python.exe.  Under the security tab, verify that the user apache is 
> > running as has "full control" permissions.
> In the security tab of python.exe, there is only one usergroup defined:
> "Everyone", and it has full control. 
> Any further suggestions?

More often than not it is the permissions problem, so don't give
up on pursuing that totally just yet.

Some other questions, do you have more than one version of
Python installed on your system?

If you run Python from the command line and enter:

  from mod_python import psp

what error do you get? And yes this will error, what the error message
is is important, so make sure you quote it exactly in followup.


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