[mod_python] error: could not import mod_python.apache

e.deventer at boer.nl e.deventer at boer.nl
Thu Apr 20 02:23:08 EDT 2006

"Lee Brown" <administrator at leebrown.org> wrote on 19-04-2006 15:27:41:
> Open Task Manager and look at the running processes; note the user 
> which Apache.exe is running under.  Keep the task manager open and 
> start a copy of the Python interpreter and note the user which 
> python.exe is running under.  (Usually, apache.exe is running as 
> user SYSTEM and python.exe will be running under the current user.) 

In the taskmanager in Windows 2000 the "user" is not visible, and when I 
go to View > Select columns (I'm using a Dutch version so that's a 
translation), there is no "user" column available for selection either. 
So I can't figure out which users Apache and Python are running under.. 

> Go to the directory where you installed Python and right-click 
> python.exe.  Under the security tab, verify that the user apache is 
> running as has "full control" permissions.

In the security tab of python.exe, there is only one usergroup defined: 
"Everyone", and it has full control. 

Any further suggestions?

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