[mod_python] Apache + mod_python + SSLVerifyClient == broken url parsing?

ben benomatic42 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 15:12:41 EDT 2006

On 4/6/06, Joshua Ginsberg <listspam at flowtheory.net> wrote:
> That's because your SetHandler cascades to /download -- that you fail to
> specify a handler for /download does not mean it uses the default
> handler. You want to add to the /download section "SetHandler
> default-handler" to get your desired result.

I've tried with both 'none' and 'default-handler', and gotten the same

My complaint is not that python is the interpreter for a url like:


because I want it to be python handled (it doesn't start with /download).
The problem is that the above url also receives the 'SSLVerifyClient
require' directive, which is incorrect.

I believe it to be impossible for a single url to be interpreted by python
AND get SSLVerifyClient at the same time.

At a deeper level, it's surprising to me that this code even reaches
mod_python -- it seems intuitively that the SSLVerifyClient directive should
be part of authentication, and ought to fail during connection negotiation,
before control is handed over to the python interpreter.

Thanks =]

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