[mod_python] onunload ie mod_python

WR - python_it at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 26 15:58:02 EDT 2005

xmlrpc is to many work for only drop a mysql table!
Reliable is not important for me!
Only that the drop statement works.
I use the serversript only by myself.
Maby i have to make a link in my onunload of onclose (behaviors)?
But I don't want to open a new ie window?

>From: Nick <nick at dd.revealed.net>
>To: WR - <python_it at hotmail.com>
>CC: mod_python at modpython.org
>Subject: Re: [mod_python] onunload ie mod_python
>Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 11:20:15 -0500
>I'm sorry, I typo'd that link... try http://jsolait.net/
>If you have mod_python, there are lots of toolkits that let you very easily 
>set up an xmlrpc server.  The Python implementation of json-rpc is very 
>I never mentioned SOAP.  I don't know of any good JavaScript SOAP 
>implementations, but the ZSI implementation in Python works with 
>WR - wrote:
>>I use apache/mod_python/mysql!! not soap
>>http://jsoliat.net ==> dead link
>>>From: Nick <nick at dd.revealed.net>
>>>To: WR - <python_it at hotmail.com>
>>>CC: mod_python at modpython.org Subject: Re: [mod_python] onunload ie 
>>>Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 10:45:34 -0500
>>>xmlrpc/jsonrpc (http://jsoliat.net) to a python server.  Realizing that 
>>>onunload/close is completely unreliable.
>>>WR - wrote:
>>>>Is it possible to call a pythonscript with javascript behaviors 
>>>>(onunload or onclose)?
>>>>After unload/close the ie windows, I want to drop a mysql table?
>>>>Suggestions please?
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