[mod_python] mod_python.publisher undeterministic behavior

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Oct 6 18:15:31 EDT 2005

On 07/10/2005, at 3:26 AM, El TuZa wrote:

> Well, here's the problem. Publisher handler is behavig very
> undeterministic with some user folders at my university labs
> (mod_python2.7, python 2.1). Sometimes i just get the 404 error, while
> other times (rarely) it works fine. The files and folders are the
> same, and i don't know what could be wrong. I have almost the same
> server running at home (mod_python 2.7, mod_python 2.4).
> How could i solve this?

You will need to provide more information about the Apache configuration
you have for setting up mod_python.publisher and the exact form of the
URLs you are using to access a page resource.

This would help, as one of the reasons strange behaviour can occur
relates to the Apache MultiViews options. For some background reading,
you might read:


This talks about best setup for avoiding MultiViews problems, or at
least making it a bit more deterministic. Hopefully it is still relevant
to the older version of mod_python (and potentially Apache) you are

As well as that, there are problems with module reloading in mod_python
that could be an issue and in some cases can cause 404 errors. Namely,



Some of these problems only cause problems when pages are loaded in a
certain order.

There are possibly other issues as well.

Have a look at the above links and see if your setup and the problems
you are seeing somehow matches up to any of them.

Is there any chance you can move to Apache 2.0 and mod_python 3.2.2b
and try the code there? The worst of the above problems have been
addressed in that version and you may find your problems vanish.


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