[mod_python] SimpleXMLRPCServer causing seg fault?

Michael mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu
Thu May 12 23:48:34 EDT 2005

>Most likely cause arises from fact that PyXML module in Python embeds its
>own version of expat code. If something else you use with Apache, such as
>PHP, links against a shared library version of expat library and the versions
>are different, you will see a server crash when importing any Python module
>which uses the XML module.
I only compile SSL and mod_python into Apache and use a custom compiled 
copy of Python with it. I also use sgmlop (I tried with and without 
after compile..) but that doesn't seem to make any difference now. Any 
idea what else I should look at?

Michael <mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu>

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