[mod_python] SimpleXMLRPCServer causing seg fault?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu May 12 22:08:30 EDT 2005

Michael wrote ..
> I [foolishly] recompiled my Apache/MP server with the newest versions of
> Apache, MP, and Python. Now I get a seg fault any time my code tries to
> import SimpleXMLRPCServer. This code used to work. Any ideas why it 
> doesn't now? Did I possibly make a mistake when recompiling it or has 
> something changed?

Most likely cause arises from fact that PyXML module in Python embeds its
own version of expat code. If something else you use with Apache, such as
PHP, links against a shared library version of expat library and the versions
are different, you will see a server crash when importing any Python module
which uses the XML module.


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