[mod_python] Communicating between interpreters?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Mar 30 16:30:13 EST 2005

I can provide pointers to a package that may help, but not sure how
it would cope with video as it is a more generic solution for general
internal and interprocess communication. Its architecture may not be
all that good for what you want either. It does though handle 
communications as well as communications between distinct Python
interpreters in the same process.

What size video are we talking about and what type of throughput on
it? Does the server have to handle more than one video stream, or just 

You also may want to clarify how you have Apache setup. Are you 
to run it in standard prefork mode, or are you using a multithreaded MPM
which may mean one or more processes? If one using a multithreaded MPM
and one process, most of your problems may vanish. If using more than
one process in prefork or worker modes, then good approach may be for
a distinct application to be running which shoves data into shared 
with each Apache process connecting to the shared memory segment to get
the video feed.


On 31/03/2005, at 6:34 AM, jonk wrote:

> Hi y'all, my first post.
> I'm running mod_python 3.1.3 (I think) on FC3. Now I was
> wondering that is it possible for interpreters (surely mixing
> things here but please read along if you can stand it) to share
> data, and in what way(s)?
> I would like to have one interpreter (the master) to grab
> video data, and others to feed it to clients. So this master
> would take care of video data buffer, and also it would need
> to pass data to and from slave interpreters (again, terms
> a still somewhat fuzzy to me). Also some kind of mutex
> system would be handy.
> If I did this in C, it would be really simple multithreaded
> program. But I don't want to write stand alone web server
> for this purpose, and I want to learn new things.
> So, to sum up, how to do inter process communications
> in mod_python?

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