[mod_python] session locking causes hang with mpservlets

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Mar 28 17:37:31 EST 2005

On 29/03/2005, at 12:49 AM, Nick wrote:

> Daniel Popowich wrote:
>>>> The problem is that even though one sets self.session to None,
>>>> this doesn't mean it will be deleted immediately as one is in part
>>>> at the mercy of the Python garbage collector.
> [...]
>> Thanks for digging into this Graham.  Yes, I thought this would be
>> sufficient:
>>             self.session.save()
>>             self.session = None
>> as the garbage collector would clean up the session.
> I have noticed that even calls explicitly to gc.collect() don't 
> necessarily do the job, either... so in general, if you've got an 
> object with an explicit __del__ method, it's best to del it 
> explicitly.

As already mentioned in a followup to that original email, it turned 
out not
to be the garbage collector as there was still a reference to the 
object held
by the cleanup function registered for the session.


Registration of a request cleanup function for session objects was 
introduced in 3.1.3 based on some old mail in the mailing list from 
that I found.


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