[mod_python] session locking causes hang with mpservlets

Scott Chapman scottie at mischko.com
Mon Mar 28 13:20:39 EST 2005

Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> Unfortunately, because your internal redirect loops back onto the same
> servlet, the second time through it tries to lock the same session, but
> where the prior hasn't been unlocked yet. Thus deadlock as lock is not
> reentrant for same thread.
> Thus, believe mpservlet possibly needs to be fixed, but might also  
> question
> your design anyway, there possibly being better ways of achieving 
> what  you
> want. You might want to explain to the list what you are wanting to  
> achieve
> and you might get some helpful suggestions back.

Thank you very much for the good digging here.  Your changes keep things 
from hanging. 

I've noticed a new problem which I'll send in another email as this 
thread is in good shape now.

My design is using a uberServlet.  It'll be included in the other email 
mentioned above.


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