[mod_python] Trouble fetching POST arguments

Damjan gdamjan at mail.net.mk
Wed Mar 23 10:33:20 EST 2005

> > 5) THE PROBLEM: User attempts to post action="http://foobar.com/htdocs".
> > 6) Unexplainable GET->POST calamity rears its ugly head.
> > 7) SOLUTION: Add a trailing slash. It's the proper syntax anyway! 
> > action="http://foobar.com/htdocs/"

> FWIW, did my own test and yes you are absolutely correct about 5,6,7.

Is this because Apache sends a 30x redirect to the client to the URL
with a slash added?

Anyway, you people should use LiveHTTP headers in Firefox for debuging
these stuff.

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