[mod_python] Problems with mod_python on MacOS

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sat Jun 25 18:28:52 EDT 2005

On 26/06/2005, at 4:36 AM, Paul Sholtz wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to get mod_python to run on the following system:
> (*) MacOS 10.4
> (*) Apache 2.0.54
> (*) mod_python 3.1.4
> (*) Python 2.3.5
> I've tried getting it to work w/ the mod_python handler configured as 
> both (a) an . htaccess file; and (b) in the general httpd.conf file 
> for all of Apache. I'm trying to get the mptest.py "demo" that's 
> described in the mod_python documentation to work. Every time I try to 
> access the mptest.py file through my Web browser, I get a HTTP 500 
> "Internal Server Error".. Since the "sig" on my Apache error notice 
> includes the line:

Follow the procedure and suggestions documented in the following page 


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