[mod_python] This is just friggin' weird...

Joshua Ginsberg listspam at flowtheory.net
Thu Jun 23 18:09:12 EDT 2005

Okay, and something else I've discovered... it appears to be hanging on 

Now, at least in my experience, psp.redirect will throw an error if 
data has been written back out to the client when redirect() is called. 
It's not doing that. It's just... hanging.

The way I discovered this was by accident. I was testing it by 
telnetting to port 80 and manually entering for data. I accidentally 
left off a field, and it hung at a different place it had ever hung 
before. At that spot, there's a psp.redirect to an error handler...

So... why? I don't get it.


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Joshua Ginsberg -- joshg at brainstorminternet.net
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On Jun 23, 2005, at 10:28 AM, Joshua Ginsberg wrote:

> I have an application that I developed using PSP pages. It is seven 
> steps to sign somebody up with our company. It worked just great 
> yesterday, this morning, it hangs going from step 1 to step 2, but 
> only with certain input data. Nothing in any of my logs is of any use.
> I have a development server for it that queries the same MySQL and 
> MSSQL databases -- it hangs too at the same point. I inserted some 
> debug output in the development server to see where it's hanging up.
> When I don't have a Session defined, it hangs up at a section that is:
> - a call to an API that inserts some data in a MySQL server
> - a call to psp.redirect (which should throw an error because i've 
> already returned stuff to the client, but it doesn't throw an error)
> Trying that API from command line by hand works like a charm, so I'm 
> not convinced it's the API.
> When I do have a Session defined, it hangs up on trying to import the 
> session. I've got a wrapper around the Session,DbmSession class which 
> basically does nothing but return an empty string instead of raising 
> an error if a key doesn't exist. I've already cleared the dbm file, 
> started over from scratch, and ensured that the dbm file is 
> readable/writable by apache.
> I cleared the semaphore array for Apache, I've restarted Apache, I've 
> restarted MySQL, and none of it has helped...
> Anybody have any ideas? I'm just stumped at this point. If you need 
> code snippets or the site to test it out on, let me know. Thanks!
> -jag
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