[mod_python] SOAP / Web Services handler

Gregory Bond gnb at itga.com.au
Tue Jun 14 04:17:08 EDT 2005

Thanks to Conrad & Graham!

Conrad Steenberg wrote:

>>I've seen Clarens (untouched for 2+ years, so looks kinda dead to me)
>Oops, what gave you that idea? 

Um... sorry about that.  Google turned up a link to it from the 
python.org site that was v. 0.4 (or something) dated 2003.  Didn't find 
the official home page in my quick search!

>The upshot is that I have to agree with
>Graham D's response: use XML-RPC: it's well standardized and usable
>from a huge number of clients with minimal effort.

I was under the impression that MS web services were SOAP based not 
XML-RPC based?

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Web Services, but the requirement 
is pretty much that Joe Punter somewhere on the web can use his normal 
PC dev tools and code up calls to my Python functions (in VB, Excel or 
Visual Studio etc) just as easily/conveniently as if I had published the 
service using IIS or whatever is the official MS-blessed way of doing 

My international colleagues are using WebLogic or JBOSS for doing web 
services, but they are a java shop and all my logic is in python!

You are in a maze of twisty little acronyms, all different.

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