[mod_python] Re: Sessions and Cheetah

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sat Jun 4 09:02:00 EDT 2005

On 03/06/2005, at 10:02 PM, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 08:44:37AM +1000,
>  Graham Dumpleton <grahamd at dscpl.com.au> wrote
>  a message of 49 lines which said:
>> In the mean time, if you want to look at some code for a working 
>> example
>> of a session based login, check out:
>>   http://svn.dscpl.com.au/vampire/trunk/examples/session/
> There is still something missing from that directory, I believe, for
> the Cheetah users. The above example works locally for me but, if I
> have a handler for Cheetah in ".vampire", it no longer works: I can
> see the index page, I'm never redirected to the login page (and there
> are no error messages).

Not sure if when you were experimenting if you were doing so in place in
the Vampire source tree or if you extracted it out into your own area.
If you extracted it into your own area, you may have been missing some
of the Apache configuration which was inherited from the .htaccess file
in the root of the Vampire source code. Alternatively, if you were
actually using Vampire 1.6 with the later examples off the site, there
is a possibility that the examples depended on something in unreleased
version, although I didn't think that was the case.

Anyway, I have been playing with it a bit today which in itself has been
useful as it uncovered a few problems in Vampire in my working version
but also some shortcomings of released versions which I have now fixed.

If you are able to check out of the subversion repository the very 
source code for Vampire, you'll get the updated example which has been
modified so as to use Cheetah templates for the various pages. One could
also throw PSP pages in the directory and they should work, along with
any specific handlers that may have been defined. The example will not
work with older released versions because of the bugs and shortcomings
I uncovered.

I'll try and add some more comments to the example code tomorrow and
maybe fiddle the pages a bit to link them together. Am sure I will find
other things to fiddle, but must resist as need to get Vampire 1.7 
I think I have done everything now that I wanted to, just need to check
that I didn't break anything obvious. :-)

Is late .....


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