Fix SpamAssassin (was Re: [SPAM] Re: [mod_python] Point offrustration/disappointment)

Jorey Bump list at
Fri Jul 29 08:33:01 EDT 2005

Jon-Pierre Gentil wrote:
> On Friday 29 July 2005 12:10 am, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>>>Does anyone on this list manage the mail server? These
>>>[SPAM] tags and X-Spam-Status: headers are starting to get annoying.
>>>I'll volunteer my services, if necessary.
>>Are you sure that is the source?
>>I assumed that one of the very early respondants own spam system
>>classified it as spam, that they detected this and moved it back to
>>their inbox then simply replied to that message which their system
>>had classified as spam. In doing this they didn't fix the subject line
>>and the spam headers would probably still have been present and
>>reflected back.
> I noticed that my emails are marked as spam.  I run my own mail server and 
> I do not mark outbound mail as spam.  :)
> Hmm.

Your residential IP is causing a problem somewhere. But's 
spam threshold is set pretty low. Unfortunately, my own version of 
spamassassin rewrote the headers, but I noted that it was's version that marked it as spam before I released it from 
quarantine. This list has been pretty clean, so only a minor tweak is 
probably needed (discard instead of tag & forward?).

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