[mod_python] Apache1.3.33 + Python2.3.4 + mod_python - Can't get Python templates to work

Brandon Masterson bmasters at direcway.com
Thu Jan 27 02:32:55 EST 2005

>If there was a problem with the import of TAL stuff, with PythonDebug enabled,
>one would normally get a traceback displayed in the browser.

Confirmed, I was not getting tracebacks with this last set of examples.  In 
the original posting I had several scripts with tracebacks.

>If other requests in the same directory are still working then
>it is perhaps something more sinister.

Yes other requests are working in the directory per my other email.

>Are you using a .htaccess
>file at all?

I don't believe so though the apache config file is not something I've 
researched much, modifying it very little to get the basic server up and 
running for my perl-based template system.

>...I sort of mean't just the Directory...

Sorry, didn't understand that, thus the full http config.

>BTW, the more sinister sort of thing that can happen is something like shared
>library version clashes between Python modules, Apache, PHP and Perl for stuff
>like expat library. Comes up quite a bit.

Tried commenting out the PHP apache module and restarted apache but that 
didn't change the result.

Can you point me to a simple, known-to-work script using templates that I 
could use to verify my configuration?  I've tried pasting in examples from 
many of the templating websites with no luck.

Your help is appreciated.


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