[mod_python] psp_site example doesn't work

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Jan 24 16:45:38 EST 2005

Jorey Bump wrote ..
> There is no mechanism in Python to import a module by file path, so it's
> consistent, but confusing. The alternative would have been to force a 
> working directory onto the user, much like a cgi-bin, and prepend that
> to sys.path.

That "there is no mechanism in Python to import a module by file path"
isn't strictly true. There are actually a couple of ways of achieving it.

The import_module() method in order to work first has to find the actual
module. This is done using imp.find_module:

  f, p, d = imp.find_module(parts[i], path)

If path is None, the sys.path is searched for the module. If one sets path
explicitly, one can control exactly where a module is picked up.

This is in part how publisher works now, in that it passes a path argument
to the import_module() method to be the actual place where the module is
located so it only looks there.

The other way of loading a module from a specific path is using execfile()
to execute code in the context of a module created with imp.new_module().
This module will not though appear in sys.modules however, although not
sure why anyone might rely on this in the context of mod_python.

Now if you mean't specifically that one can't use the "import" statement to
import a module by path, then you are true.

Thus, import_module() already provides the means of picking a module
from the correct location, the problem is how it names modules and how
they get installed into sys.module and managed after that is the problem.


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