[mod_python] Integration Issue

Simon Kesenci god at skri.org
Mon Jan 24 16:22:28 EST 2005

In my experience there needs to be an explicit call to load the module 
somewhere with reference to the location of the module file.  Check the 
files that are included by httpd.conf.  One of them might be loading 
the old module from somewhere else.


On Jan 24, 2005, at 13:06, Feghhi, Jalil wrote:

> Yes. I checked and the mod_python.so file under /etc/httpd/modules had 
> a
> new timestamp. I am not at my RH box now but I will double check to 
> make
> sure. Anything else I need to do? Are there any env. vars used by
> Apache? I couldn't find any.
> Also, I noticed mod_python.so is picked up by Apache automatically and 
> I
> don't need to load it explicitly in httpd.conf. When I do it 
> explicitly,
> there is a warning that the module is already loaded and will be
> skipped. I am not sure if this has anything to do with it though.
> Thanks,
> -Jalil
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> Did you move the new mod_python.so into the apache module directory?
> --S.
> On Jan 24, 2005, at 08:08, Feghhi, Jalil wrote:
>> I compiled and installed Python 2.4 under Redhat in /usr/local/bin and
>> /usr/local/lib (default locations). I then compiled mod_python using
>> Python 2.4 (I could see it picking up the right version when
>> compiling).
>> However, when run under Apache, it seems it still picks up the older
>> version of Python libraries from /usr/lib. How can I make Apache (or
>> mod_python under Apache) use the new version?
>> Thanks,
>> -JF
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