[mod_python] psp_site example doesn't work

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Jan 23 17:44:19 EST 2005

Zach White wrote ..
> > Further, you are using Apache 1.3 and the way it processes requests 
> > against
> > directories and then maps that to an index file is different to Apache
> > 2.0.
> > This may or may not be an issue.
> Well, it is and it isn't an issue. Playing with it, it seems that the 
> following URLs will not work:
> http://beta.rvmotel.com/
> http://beta.rvmotel.com/index
> http://beta.rvmotel.com/index.py
> But the following URLs do:
> http://beta.rvmotel.com/index/index
> http://beta.rvmotel.com/index.py/index
> Not a big deal, but not really ideal, either. It means I'll have to use
> AddHandler and have an index.html or index.cgi that redirects the user
> to
> the real index page. From my own developing standpoint, I'd rather not
> have
> to do that. But from the standpoint of the people I'm doing this for, it
> doesn't matter.

Had a bit of a play with mod_python.publisher and Apache 1.3 and I
couldn't work it out either. Must have been how it worked back then.

People probably get sick of me promoting my own stuff here, but you
might want to have a look at Vampire. I know that for it the directory
index type stuff works even on Apache 1.3 and mod_python 2.7.10.
It differs from mod_python.publisher in as much as you are defining a
basic content handler. That is, you can't just return a text string from
the method called and have it automatically turned into a complete
response. It does allow multiple content handlers in a directory though.
It also supports mod_python.publisher style form parsing. Ie., form
parameters can be passed as additional arguments to content handler.

Whether Vampire might be of interest will depend though on how much
time and effort you might already have invested in existing publisher
code. If you are starting from scratch anyway, might be interesting to
look at.

In case you missed the recent announcement about Vampire, it is at:



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