[mod_python] Re: Cookie patch

Joe Schaefer joe+gmane at sunstarsys.com
Thu Jan 13 15:56:56 EST 2005

Nicolas Lehuen <nicolas.lehuen at gmail.com>


> Cookie: test1=2;$Path=/;$Version=1;test2=3;$Path=/foo;$Version=2
> ==> two Cookies :
>  - one with key=='test1', value=='2', version=='1' and path=='/'
>  - one with key=='test2', value=='3', version=='2' and path=='/foo'

Apologies for delurking ourside my normal domain, but the above 
test doesn't make much sense to me.  AIUI, $Version is supposed to 
describe the protocol (headers), not the individual cookies.  
Here's the 2109 BNF:

   cookie          =       "Cookie:" cookie-version
                           1*((";" | ",") cookie-value)

There's no universally-accepted way to mix Netscape cookies 
with the RFC-based ($Version=1) cookies within the same HTTP 
request.  At some point the IETF tried to produce an errata
document to address this, but IIRC failed to achieve consensus
on a resolution.

Joe Schaefer

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