[mod_python] Session management

Hiroaki KAWAI kawai at iij.ad.jp
Tue Jan 11 22:55:47 EST 2005

> > Depending on what type of apache configuration you run, one or more
> > interpreters will be used. Sometimes interpreters die and new ones get
> > created. 
> Hmm...it's interesting you say that somtimes the interpreters die and
> new ones get created because I'm running into a "problem" where I will
> test a mod_python page and it will works perfectly several times again
> and again, but then i'll test it out again, and the interpreter seems
> to "forget" the values.  I'll keep testing the page with the same
> values, and then the page will work again.

One interpreter is created per one apache child process. If you're running 
prefork MPM (and set MaxRequestsPerChild or have multiple spare child 
servers), you're posting a HTTP request sometimes to the same interpreter, 
sometimes to other interpreter. 
I think one of 'inter-process' techniques is useful for what you're 
# If I'm saying wrong, someone please correct. :-)

---Hiroaki Kawai

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