[mod_python] Looking for interested python/mod_python expert to help with some contract work

Trevor Hennion trevor at thennion.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 11 18:42:54 EST 2005

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 21:48, David Y. Badawi wrote:
> Hello all,
> Grisha Trubetskoy kindly referred me to this board to post this message.
> I have a relatively small-what I hope is a contained project- for someone
> who is interested. Looking for someone who can craft efficient logic in
> python and use mod_python. Considering moving my in office web application
> to mod_python. Initially looking for an interested contractor. If all goes
> well, plan to send more work your way. For further info:
> http://www.eyenova.com/icons/Project.doc
> http://www.eyenova.com/icons/project.gif
> Let me know by email if you are interested or have questions.
> Thanks in advance.
> David


I would be very keen to program this for you. I am based in the UK, have been 
a full-time Systems Administrator for the last 4 years. Looking after 18 
servers - a mix of mainly Linux, Solaris, Aix, HP-UX and a couple of Windows 
servers, and 30 desktops and laptop users.  Recently gone to 1 day a week as 
the company were making people redundant, and I decided to try to progress 
other ideas instead of waiting for the chop. Now working from home for the 
other days.
Having been using Python as my main language - developing a project accessing 
a Mysql database. Using Postgresql on another project. Have my own network 
including Apache webserver with mod_python running on it, Mysql, Postgresql 
etc and a virtual server account with Openhosting - Grisha Trubetskoy's 
company, as that has mod_python running on it.

It is rather late here in the UK - 23:38, and I'm doing my one day a week in 
the office tomorrow. Will try and find time to consider a project plan.

Off the top of my head - the first pass should be kept simple - looking at the 
concepts to allow re-useability of code and scaleability - so several 
iterations. As I already have some small income would not be looking at too 
much for that part. Also allows you to get a feel for me. Can base some of it 
on the work I'm already doing - just need to change the db module.

Will email with some more ideas tommorrow evening - that is if you can work 
with someone in the UK?.


Trevor Hennion
ps - that site has only just been put up with a lot of work still to do.

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