[mod_python] CSS not processed in PSP stylesheet&[email protected]

pit.grinja at gmx.de pit.grinja at gmx.de
Mon Jan 10 12:33:37 EST 2005

Hello Manfred.
Many thanks for your hints. In fact, the problem had nothing to do with an
incorrect path, and the content type 'text/html' is in principle ok. The
problem seems to be the combination of the content type AND the xml
declaration. It turned out that the directly opening the file in mozilla did
not give the expected results (<b>sometext</b>,<i>someother</i>,<br />...
parts were ignored if not defined in the css). After lots of
experimentation, I found that all what is needed is the following tag as a
child of the head-tag:
<meta content="application/xhtml+xml"/>.
Now I have a file that is well-formed, valid and correctly rendered in the
browser with respect to the standard html tags.

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