[mod_python] mod_python and python 2.4?

Jody Burns mailingme at deimerich.com
Wed Feb 23 23:58:26 EST 2005

Just chiming in to say that it works great for me.  Thanks for the
build!  I'd been hearing that there was some problem with the MSVCRT,
but I guess that was resolved or I was just misinformed.

Also, you might want to add a note in the installer that the Apache2
service must be stopped to automatically install the mod_python.so file
if mod_python is already in use.  If it's still running, the postinstall
script gives a traceback when it fails to open mod_python.so for writing
because that file is locked.


(Previously, I hit the wrong button and sent this to just Nicolas 
instead of the list.  Oops.)

Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

>mod_python works great on Python 2.4. You can either build it on your
>own from the sources or fetch a build for Win32 here :
>If the build seems OK (it's OK for me), could you tell us on this
>mailing list ? If it's confirmed to work, it will be hosted on the
>Apache web site and its mirrors.

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