[mod_python] mod_python and python 2.4?

Adrian Immler mod_python-maillist at uebergeek.de
Wed Feb 23 16:58:10 EST 2005

>I tried installing mod_python, and it told me it could not find python
>2.3, so I had to download and install python 2.3. Now I find myself
>missing some of the python 2.4 features. Python 2.4 has been out for
>close to a year now, why is it taking so long to make it compatible?
>Is there anything I could do to help?

i got it working with the switch --with-python=/path/to/python
i've set this to /usr/bin/python which is a 2.4 python. now it works. i
had the same error as you before.



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