[mod_python] WebMail Server in mod_python?

saiello at jentoo.com saiello at Jentoo.com
Mon Feb 14 07:48:11 EST 2005

Ed Lucas wrote:
> Hi All,
>    Are there any Webmail tools written on mod_python? (e.g. something 
> like Squirrelmail or Horde).
> I have been looking in what I imagined would be the 'Usual places' - 
> Google, Freshmeat & Sourceforge, and all I could find are:
> http://gomail.dynu.com/
> http://pywm.org/
> - Neither of which seem to be in active development.

I was writing one. I stopped due to my lack of experience in writing 
mod_python apps. A webmail app is a rather large application to be 
writing. I believed I needed more experience in writing simpler apps, 
and getting my programing standards down. I kept finding as I wrote more 
and more of the app. I would have to go back and rewrite my past 
functions, because I had learned better ways to go about performing that 
task. It was very fustrating to take One step forward and Two backwards.

Another promblem was the amount of time it took to read all the RFCs and 
then see how so many different IMAP servers differ from one another. I 
basically got to the point of parsing the raw email and dealing with 
MIME. I was just digging into the MIME RFCs and was not looking forward 
to find how my everyday email somehow differed from the RFC specs.

It is alot of work for one person to write a good webmail app. 
Especially for a relative programming newbie.

Though of late I have been considering starting back up again

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