[mod_python] WebMail Server in mod_python?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Feb 13 16:19:31 EST 2005

On 14/02/2005, at 4:30 AM, Ed Lucas wrote:
> That said, when I looked for Templating systems in the usual places, I 
> couldn't see anything either. It was only after a week of link-hopping 
> that I started finding stuff like Vampire and HTMLTemplate (actually 
> by trawling this list for clues). I coulnd't find a Search facility 
> for this list either, so apologies if this is a old question.

You can search the mod_python mailing list by going to 
www.modpython.org and
typing into the search box, a string such as:

   inurl:pipermail web mail

The "inurl" bit restricts search to mailing list archive.


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