[mod_python] Newbie - Development tools

Lars Eriksen downgrade at gmx.org
Sat Dec 24 04:01:35 EST 2005

Wing IDE  (which allows you to debug mod_python apps) + Dreamweaver.

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From: Jim Steil
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Subject: [mod_python] Newbie - Development tools

I'm new to mod-python and am wondering what development tools people are 
using?  I am using psp templates and am looking for a good html editor and 
preferably one that would include a nice python editor.  Does such a tool 
exist?  I'm thinking of something like Dreamweaver for python.  What are 
people using?  So far, I'm using HTMLPad and SPE or PythonWin, but would 
prefer one integrated tool.


Jim Steil
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CustomCall Data Systems
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