[mod_python] Bug in 3.2b5?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Dec 21 00:57:06 EST 2005

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=E9bastien_Arnaud?= wrote ..
> Hi,
> I am running into a pretty bad crash of apache 2.0.55 under OS 10.4.3 
> with mod_python 3.2b5 installed... Before I file a bug though, I  
> would like to know if anybody else has noticed it.
> I run the following code:
> [..]
> 	req.content_type = "application/pdf"
>     	req.sendfile("/tmp/test.pdf")
> The file returned in my browser is empty (0K) and I see the following 
> in the apache error_log:
> [Tue Dec 20 23:20:04 2005] [notice] child pid 983 exit signal  
> Segmentation fault (11)

Are you saying it crashes in "req.sendfile()"? Does it crash on various
filles or just that one PDF file? How big is that PDF file? Can you send
the complete handler code, or is that it, bar returning of apache.OK?

It might also help if you go through procedure described in:


to use gdb to find out exactly where it is crashing.

> I tested on my test server (PPC Linux running 3.1.4 and apache 2.0.55 
> as well) and I don't witness the problem, the file is returned  
> properly to the browser.
> If somebody else is able to reproduce the problem, then I guess we  
> should file a bug.

Lets see if we can work out why first as logging a bug with just this
information isn't really going to help too much.


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