[mod_python] Bug in 3.2b5?

Sébastien Arnaud arnaudsj at emedialibrary.org
Wed Dec 21 00:31:32 EST 2005


I am running into a pretty bad crash of apache 2.0.55 under OS 10.4.3  
with mod_python 3.2b5 installed... Before I file a bug though, I  
would like to know if anybody else has noticed it.

I run the following code:
	req.content_type = "application/pdf"

The file returned in my browser is empty (0K) and I see the following  
in the apache error_log:
[Tue Dec 20 23:20:04 2005] [notice] child pid 983 exit signal  
Segmentation fault (11)

I tested on my test server (PPC Linux running 3.1.4 and apache 2.0.55  
as well) and I don't witness the problem, the file is returned  
properly to the browser.

If somebody else is able to reproduce the problem, then I guess we  
should file a bug.



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