[mod_python] Configuring mod_python via reverse proxy

Roberto C. Sanchez roberto at familiasanchez.net
Wed Dec 14 21:29:07 EST 2005

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Another non obvious problem which arises because of this arrangement is
> that if the second instance of Apache you are running has write access
> to the directories, it will dump Python .pyc files. If you are then only
> using AddHandler and not SetHandler, there will be nothing to stop
> someone specifying a URL which targets the .pyc files and they will be
> able to download them also and then decompile them, thus potentially
> getting access to sensitive information.
> Good idea to have an excplicit rule:
>   <Files *.pyc>
>   deny from all
>   </Files>

I had not considered that.  However, I don't see any .pyc files anywhere
under ~/public_html/.


Roberto C. Sanchez
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