[mod_python] A PSP templating example with XML and XSLT

Jon-Pierre Gentil jgentil at sebistar.net
Mon Aug 15 11:19:16 EDT 2005

On Saturday 13 August 2005 06:17 am, Martin P. Hellwig wrote:

> >Some browsers (like IE6) recognize "text/xsl". Some browsers (like
> > Opera) recognize "application/xml".  Mozilla and Firefox recognize
> > both types.  I suspect that if you changed "text/xsl" to
> > "application/xml" it would work on Opera, Konqueror, and Safari.
> I took a look at it but it seems that (for now) khtml & opera do not
> support xsl transformation, no matter what I put in the headers.

I use a similar architecture as you, but I always output HTML in the end, 
using libxslt to render the output as the very last stage.  Perhaps that 
would help you?  It's a bit more server-side intensive but allows for 
clients to be more diverse.  A nice side-effect is that it always 
produces valid HTML :-)


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