[mod_python] Calling PHP pages

azurIt azurit at pobox.sk
Mon Apr 18 13:57:45 EDT 2005


maybe this will not help you but it's a way too :)
you can pass that cookie as a variable to php, something like:
filehandle = urllib.urlope('http://fakeurl.com/login_py.php?cookie=%
s' % cookie,data=urllib.urlencode(req.headers_in))

and then you can take it from php script (well, some changes in php 
will be probably needed).

..or you can try to add Set-Cookie part of header to the req object 
before calling that:

req.headers_in.add("Set-Cookie", "cookie=%s" % cookie)
but i don't know if this is possible :) i was adding such a things 
only to the headers_out so i can't tell now. hope it helps :)


> Hello
> I need to call a login routine to allow my python pages to coexist 
> my current
> php pages. For this to work I need to pass the cookie information 
to the 
> php page.
> I am using the python urllib and are calling the page with the 
> option in the hope
> that this will pass the cookie information along. This however 
does not 
> seem to work.
> filehandle = 
> urllib.urlopen
> Am I on the right track, or is there another way ?
> Bo Jangeborg
> Softwave
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