[mod_python] Req object shared?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Apr 6 17:46:35 EDT 2005

On 07/04/2005, at 6:09 AM, Huzaifa Tapal wrote:

> Does mod_python share the req object between all requests?

For each distinct request a separate "req" object is created.

> I am running into a problem with FieldStorage parsing the value for  
> dropdowns as lists of two selection both of which are the same.  For  
> example, when I view the form values from FieldStorage I see the  
> following for the values of all the dropdown fields:
> dd_field: ['val1','val2']
> Anybody else run into this issue?  Its intermittent, it doesn't happen  
> everytime, just every now and then.

Suggest you post the actual HTML for a cut down version form which still
shows the problem. I also would suggest setting the target of the form
to be the URL:


This mod_python handler will display back the form values and will given
you an independent bit of code to try your form against to see if it is
somehow your handler.

Note that this handler uses Vampire and Vampire's structured form  
mode is enabled. If you use "-" or "." in your form parameter names you
might get strange results. :-(

BTW, what version of mod_python are you using?


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