[mod_python] Custom Logging in Apache 2.0.53 with Mod_Python

Tom Holden Tom.Holden at ascendview.com
Tue Apr 5 12:28:43 EDT 2005

I'm Tom Holden at http://www.ascendview.com

I want to do custom Apache for Win logging with Python.  I want to send
"Access" data from Apache out a socket.  

First step is the ability to gather "Access" data from Apache.   The
stuff that would be sent to a "CustomLog" ... I want to send somewhere

I read an article that said this is possible.

So, I have python2.3, apache for win 2.0.53, and mod_python 3.0.4

I do something very similar in IIS with a C++ ISAPI filter.   I see
Apache supports ISAPI Extensions.  But Extensions are different.
Anyway, I also see there is a way (on Unix) to send this data via
"CustomLog" to the Unix syslog.   

I thought maybe it would be as simple as specifying an IP and a port.
Doesn't look like that is true.

Now I want to use Python to do this.

This mod_python module rocks.

Tom H.

WildMetrix 2005 ... All your Wildest dreams...

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